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We help you find remote work opportunities.

Gain Unlimited Work Experience

The internship offers exceptional work experience in a variety of fields, as well as personal support and training to refine your skills and gain practical experience.

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Recruit Skilled Young Talents

Our Talents program satisfies the human resource needs of companies and organizations with skilled young talents from around the world.

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Invest in Your Career Success

A quality educational curriculum designed to develop a comprehensive set of knowledge and skills for learners to succeed in their professional lives.

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Find Volunteers For Your Project

The Volunteers Program helps you meet your project's needs of contributors with skilled, passionate, creative and talented young people.

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what we believe

ForBladi is a non-profit organization striving to make the world a better place
by spreading values of freedom and openness in technology and knowledge.

Open Source Software

We invite companies and organizations to adopt open source in their technology infrastructure, and we encourage software developers to contribute to open source projects to further develop them and improve their skills.

Open Source Hardware

We believe that open source hardware can accelerate innovation, facilitate access to manufacturing for resource-constrained companies and organizations, and create new spaces for creativity and collaboration.

Open Knowledge

We believe that knowledge should be accessible to all. We also support the spread of knowledge and its availability via the Internet in all languages and through various media.

Your Organization Transformation Begins Here

We make your organization's transition to open source much easier than you think.