Why Follow Our Curriculum?

Theory & Practice Know-How

Our program combines in-depth theoretical knowledge of the subject with solution-based approaches to real-world problems to help you master the material and prepare you for success on the certification exam and in your career.

Personalized Curriculum

Our educational program provides content and tools tailored to your needs to address your specific gaps. In addition, it offers you the opportunity to study at your own pace and according to your schedule.

Professional Efficiency

The knowledge and practice provided by our program helps you master the workplace skills needed to be successful and effective in your field and be able to meet challenges and find innovative solutions.

Build Better Skills!

We provide specialist training and qualifications to help you face the future with confidence.

Master The Most Requested Open Source Technologies on The Market!

Project-Based Learning

A pedagogical approach designed to help students acquire knowledge and skills based on challenges and problem solving related to projects they can face in the real world.

Multiple Intelligences

This approach respects the difference in intelligence between learners in the learning process and helps them improve their skills and abilities to solve problems and find innovative and creative solutions.

Self-Paced Courses

Students can progress at their own pace. They can access training sessions anytime and anywhere according to their schedule.

Problem-Based Learning

Problem-based learning confronts students with real-life problems and scenarios they may encounter in their professional lives, in order to find solutions by applying the skills and knowledge they have acquired.


The curriculum integrates game elements into the learning process to enhance students' ability to easily assimilate the instructional content, to stimulate their effective participation, and to help them progress in their learning path.


Students are continually evaluated by tests to determine their mastery of the material and their progress in the course. The final exam is given at the end of each course.

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