Migration to Open Source

Benefits of Migrating to Open Source

Freedom & Flexibility

Freedom and flexibility are at the heart of the values of open source software because they allow you to access software and extract most open source projects from public repositories and use them immediately without having to wait for licenses.


Open source gives companies the ability to start small due to budgetary constraints, as open source solutions are generally much cheaper in an enterprise environment to have the same or greater capacity than other solutions.


Open source software depends on the fact that all the project source code is open so it can be constantly checked by many programmers, therefore it is more secure and reliable since businesses are constantly concerned about the security of their infrastructure and data.

Starting Small

Open source solutions offer the ability to start small if your budget is limited, and then move to a commercially supported solution as your project requirements evolve. If the project does not require support, you can continue indefinitely with the community version.


Open source software offers companies the flexibility, agility and ability to start quickly and cheaply, grow and perform at scale without having to wait for a proprietary license to do so.

Talent Attraction

Open source gives organizations the opportunity to attract better talents as it gives developers the flexibility and freedom to create their own projects and the ability to interact with other developers outside their organization to develop solutions and provide innovative ideas.

6-Steps Migration Process

We follow an open source migration process that has been successfully and efficiently applied to many projects of varying complexity and requirements:

Project Scope

Define and document the list of project objectives, deliverables, tasks, budget and timelines.

Resource Assessment

A comprehensive assessment of the project, available migration tools, and an initial assessment of staff skills and training needs.

Migration Design

Determine the migration approach to be followed, including developing a technical solution structure and detailing the migration process.

Test Design

Complete testing of all phases of the migration, from start to finish, and evaluation of tools, reports, structures, and constraints.


We follow an agile methodology to develop the migration project in phases and perform regular testing while highlighting potential issues.

Implementation & Maintenance

Implementation of the final migration after migration of data, software, applications, operating systems and full implementation of the new system, diagnosis of problems and setting up a maintenance and training plan.

Why Choose ForBladi to Migrate to Open Source?

Technology Pioneers

We have extensive experience in creating cutting-edge technologies to help your organization develop competitive advantages and achieve operational efficiency by adopting open source solutions.

Better Results

We help you improve your performance and increase your profitability through consulting services provided by experts who are constantly up-to-date on software development and the latest open source technologies.

Sustainable Plans

Our experts propose action plans with measurable benefits to accelerate the migration process, reduce costs and ensure the success of your business.

Your Organization Transformation Begins Here

We make your organization's transition to open source much easier than you think.

We Go The Extra Mile in Our Migration Process


With our ongoing consulting services, you can develop a long-term, cost-effective plan for your open source software package.

Ongoing Training

We offer expert-led continuing education for your staff to help them deal with technology challenges and changes.

Qualified Talents

We provide qualified and skilled human resources to help you move your project forward and achieve your desired goals without delay.

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