Patent Analysis Service :

Patent analysis represents an exceptional form of insight, translating large sets of patent data into a collective overview of analysis on current market situation. With Our patent analysis service, you can evaluate the current and future technology competitive landscape, monitor your competitor’s patent activity, and identify the whitespaces to better position your product portfolio to meet existing and emerging market needs. 


Patents are one of the most valuable assets your company can have, so it is important to ensure that their values can be maximized and to protect your portfolio from competitors. Our patent analytics team combines industry leading enhanced data and powerful research and analysis skills with extensive industry knowledge and deep patent expertise to convert the essential information into reliable, digestible, actionable reports.

Typically, a patent analysis involves understanding the technology field, finding relevant patents and non-patent literature. Our in-depth report provides insights on patenting trends across various jurisdictions, identifies prolific inventors, top assignees, shift in technologies of interest, and many other area of specific interest to you.


Market Intelligence

Can your company understand existing market, customers, problems, competition, and growth potential?  We help you get a clear understanding of your business environment, understand your competitors' strategies, determine relative position in markets, benefit from market insights strategically to maximize competitive advantage. We turn information into actionable insights for decision-making and strategic planning.

Risk Assessment

Prior to simply performing an acquisition or licensing, it is critical to first identify and assess risk from infringement, opposition and litigation, or the vulnerability of your target patents. Our Patent analysis experts can assist you in identifying the risks by performing a thorough and detailed patent analysis to ensure you have the most valuable IP assets within your company.

Opportunity Identification

To successfully introduce a revolutionary technology, your technology landscape must first be fully understood. Our patent analysis service will uncover all the divergent paths around your technology sector, allows you to capitalize on new ground, and see possibilities you wouldn’t have considered before and help you discover potential collaborators, new markets, acquisition targets or competitors against whom your patents could be enforced.

Competitive Review & Benchmarking

See how your brand is performing against the competition in your market and spot opportunities to get ahead of your competitors. Our Patent analysis experts can help you have a much clearer understanding of your patent assets strengths and weaknesses and help you to adapt and innovate in order to align yourself in the industry to match your strengths and take advantage of competitor weaknesses.

Technology Overview

With new technologies emerging more rapidly than ever before, how do you pick the right patent that will deliver competitive advantage and spot the ones that could threaten your business? This is a critical question most businesses face. The only way to overcome this obstacle and be able to make the right decision with confidence is by understanding your technology landscape. Here, we come to assist you and guide you to the safe way and give a clear vision about your technology landscape, your competition and future trends.

Accelerate Innovation

Your company is under persistent pressure to improve its technologies to stay in competition, so you need to keep up with the ever-changing technology world and innovate at accelerated rate. Our Patent analysis service is the right solution for you to get an accurate and comprehensive picture of the technology landscape of your concern and guide your R&D team to the right track and anticipate emerging trends.  


Patent Experts 

With a highly experienced team of patent professionals, we ensure you has the right expertise at your disposal. We have broad knowledge of technology practices and market dynamics across a range of technology sectors, we advise you and guide you to the right strategy to protect and value your patent assets.

Customized Solutions

Every client is unique, and every company has different needs, goals and strategies. We tailor customized solution for your specific needs, budget and desired outcome. Each patent analysis, our experts conduct is designed to match your needs and provides you with the right insight to ensure you are making the most informed strategic decisions for your business.

Reliable Results

Leveraging our long experience in technology fields ensures you will get the right result for your technology domain of concern. Work with us will be an added value to your business strategic planning. We will help you turn collected data to actionable insights for better decision-making.


All our Experts are bound by non-disclosure agreements related to your invention submission, so you can be reassured that your disclosure is 100% confidential. We engage to maintain all communications with you secure and confidential. All information conveyed will be maintained in secrecy. Also our IT systems are fully secured for your data protection. Your security and confidentiality are our first priority.

Last Update: Feb 28, 2019 


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