Patent Services for R&D Institutions :

In today’s knowledge-intensive economy, patents are valuable assets for any business to have market penetration and bypass competition. Our licensing services are perfectly situated to help you navigate the perils of licensing your invention. Our deep experience in the IP market and creative strategies ensure that we can help you find the best possible fit for your intellectual property. Should you be searching out a potential licensee? We will leverage our expertise to connect you with qualified and motivated licensees for your invention.


Additional Funding for R&D

Through patenting and the licensing of researches and discoveries, R&D institutions can protect their revolutionary discoveries while benefiting from the financial advantages associated with the payment of royalties. This can give R&D institutions with limited budgets the kind of flexibility they need to pursue their research activities under the most favorable conditions possible and provide them with additional funding.

Attract Industrial Investment

R&D institutions are a fundamental driver of technological progress and economic growth, and a source of innovation for the business sector. So patenting the resulting breakthroughs should be a priority for any R&D institution. In this context, research institutions are increasingly called upon to amplify their impact on the economy to attract industrial investment and convert the prototype inventions and discoveries into commercially developed products.

Long-term Protection

The patenting of research and development institutions is a mean to protect their technology for a period of 20 years. This allows them to prevent other R&D institutions from entering and competing in the same technological field, to have priority in the market, and to attract investment.  


Invention Licensing

R&D institutions are a fundamental driver of technological progress and innovations. At Invention Academy, it is clear to us that patenting for R&D institutions must be done at a cost-effective budget rate. Our patent experts help R&D Institutions to easily transfer technology, monetize their patents and increase their revenues by efficiently mapping patents from R&D institutions to technology companies.

Patent Consulting

We understand  the pressures upon researchers and technology transfer professionals in research institutions. Our patent experts are well equipped to consult them in market analysis, technology analysis and patent analysis services to give them a better overview of the technological field and an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of their patent portfolio compared to their competitors and help them to orient their researches and innovations in the right direction and focus in the right patents that can be profitable and lucrative for them. 

PCT filing

Because technology has no borders, protecting a patent at international level through PCT filing can be a good source of income for R&D institutions. The more territories you cover, the more opportunities you have to commercialize and  license your patent. To improve the quality and efficiency of the PCT filing process, we can assist you by providing you with a central point of contact for all your applications worldwide and sped up the national phase in the countries of your interest.

Last Update: Feb 28, 2019


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